Car review Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

Since appearing at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2003, the grand tourer the Aston Martin DB9 coupe has had plenty of admirers. The car was given something of a revamp in 2012, resulting in appreciable enhancements to its design and engine. However, overlooking the changes of three years ago, the DB9 coupe is now more than a decade old – so, does it still cut the mustard all these years later?
The beauty that you would expect from an Aston Martin
It’s hardly surprising to learn that one of this car’s predecessors, the Aston Martin DB5, appeared in a Bond film; the DB9 boasts the typical striking design that you would expect in an Aston Martin car, especially in the DB line. In fact, some long-standing Aston Martin fans could find this car’s appearance too predictable, though the leather trim and gorgeous wood panelling are hard not to love.
A pleasing combination of speedy and comfortable
Actually driving a DB9 can be wonderfully comfortable even at high speeds. Whether it’s a motorway or an awkward twisty road, you can handle it relatively painlessly with the DB9. The 20-inch wheels and tyres are also very grippy without hindering your fun. You could find the Aston Martin’s flagship Vanquish better for both responsiveness and composure, but the DB9 holds its own acceptably.
Don’t expect the unreliability of the DB7…
Numerous problems that affected the engine and gearbox of the DB7 have been banished in the DB9. It certainly has the feeling of a vehicle that has been thoroughly tested to rectify unpleasant quirks, while safety equipment includes electronic stability control, airbags, and protection against side impacts.
Sorry, kids – there’s just not enough room for you here
This definitely isn’t a car intended for the family. Though it is a two-plus-two vehicle, the DB9 is capable of providing comfort – and we emphasise the word comfort – for just two people. The back seats are frankly cramped, even for children – you’re better off using that seating to keep extra luggage.
That petrol might not get you as far as you think…
The DB9 is certainly, on the whole, an appealing super car to get behind the wheel of – especially through the super car hire service of Prestige Keys. However, be warned that the DB9’s 510bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine is responsible for a very poor fuel economy figure of 19.5mpg, with CO2 at 333g per km.
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The Best Motor Shows Across the UK


The United Kingdom boasts some of the most famous motor shows in the world, as well as some of the most innovative. Here’s our quick list of the country’s unmissable motoring events.
The Goodwood Festival of Speed

Taking place over three days in either late June or early July, it’s now celebrating its 22nd anniversary (watch out, Silverstone) and welcomes well over 100,000 visitors each year. The most famous attraction is the hill climb, a 1.16 mile course tackled by anything from exclusive upcoming models to stunning vintage vehicles. There’s also the Sunday Times Supercar Run. Road-going supercars pit themselves against the clock in an event where speciality manufacturers now frequently showcase their latest sports models.

The Silverstone Classic

The Silverstone Classic takes place over a long weekend each July and draws hundreds of thousands each year. Held at Silverstone circuit, home of the British Grand Prix, it’s the place to go for historic models – many of which will race the iconic F1 track. 2015 marked the event’s 25th anniversary, a milestone celebrated by a procession of all-silver vehicles around the track. Is it too late to find an all-silver car hire company?



Motorexpo is free to visit and held right in the centre of the Canary Wharf estate in London. More than 250 vehicles are showcased by the world’s leading manufacturers, with past names including Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW. If you’re already tempted, the news that all vehicles are unlocked should give you a final nudge. With the unique driveme scheme, various models are even available for a test drive. It’s super car hire without the cost.


Carfest was the inspired brainchild of one of the United Kingdom’s most well-known motoring fanatics – Chris Evans. As well as an extensive selection of cars and a number of unique track events, visitors enjoy a 3-day music festival. You can camp over to enjoy the whole weekend, and it’s split into two events to ensure that everyone can get in on the fun. Carfest North is held at Ulton Park Circuit in Cheshire, between Birmingham and Liverpool, while the Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire is home to Carfest South. All money raised is donated to Children in Need – £1.5 million in 2015 alone.

Whether you’re a dedicated petrol-head or just in need of a fun day out, there are plenty of motor shows across the UK to provide entertainment.

Prestige Keys offer you the best wedding cars for hire in London, Birmingham and Manchester

Here at Prestige Keys we’d like to think your wedding transport will prove to be safer and more reliable than the transport used in the above video. Yes, we all know that arriving by pony and trap is the ultimate in romance, but when you have next to no control over the horsepower in question, you have to wonder at the wisdom of the idea. Here at Prestige Keys we like to leave nothing to chance and we ensure that all our wedding cars are regularly checked and serviced to make sure you arrive safely, and on time, for your big day.

For our wedding car hire service in London Birmingham and Manchester we can offer you traditional white marques including Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but not everyone wants to go down the totally traditional route, or some brides just feel a Rolls-Royce is just a little too opulent for them. Instead we have some more ‘understated’ yet also extremely popular wedding cars for hire which include a full range of Mercedes Benz cars, BMWs and Range Rovers if those seem more appropriate for the whole occasion.
In addition, we also like to point out that wedding cars aren’t just for the bride and her father to arrive at the church in. Don’t forget there is the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents too. So while you are looking after the bride, why not ensure other principal guests arrive in style too. Then there is only one other thing to consider, and that is the car you intend to drive off on honeymoon in. Fancy a nice Lamborghini or Porsche? Well why not contact us at any of our offices, let us know what you have got planned for the big day, and then come and have a closer look at the exceptional quality and luxury all our wedding cars provide. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy discovering the difference between the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Bentley Flying Spur

For prestige car hire and luxury car hire, here at Prestige Keys we like to think we have all bases covered, as the Americans would say, which is quite useful as we have a video of the American TV series, Head 2 Head. And why are we showing you this video? Because it is a direct comparison between the Rolls-Royce Ghost and the Bentley Flying Spur, both ultimate statements in luxury and at the top end of our prestige and luxury car range that we offer here at Prestige Keys. We can’t say we think any of the American shows match up to the UK’s Top Gear, but at least they have a full set of presenters at the moment! We enjoyed this one a little more than some as you get a sense of the performance capabilities for both of these cars, which we feel is important.

The choice of hiring a Bentley or Rolls-Royce from Prestige Keys is an interesting one as both these cars are suitable for just about every occasion imaginable, from weddings to a weekend away, corporate events to celebrations and anniversaries. These two cars are the pride of our luxury car hire fleet both here in London and also in Birmingham, and the pleasure we know they have given to our clients makes what we do here at Prestige Keys so worthwhile. However if you want to go for something a little more understated, though that is no easy task with any of our prestige and luxury cars, we also have an exceptional range of Mercedes Benz models, Range Rovers, BMWs and Audis. So, as you can tell, we have quite a mixture of quality luxury and prestige cars here at Prestige keys, so why not give us a call and let us know what you are planning, then we can advise on which of our cars might be most suitable for what you have planned.

The Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Spyder – both available at Prestige Keys

For those of you who are as interested in how a car works as how it drives, we have found a great video for you that covers both the Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Spyder that we have available for hire here at Prestige Keys. We are immensely proud of the selection of supercars we have available, both here in London and also in Birmingham. However despite looking for a video of the quality to match these two fine cars, we could only find one that will be unlikely to see the presenter offered the current vacancy at the BBC recently created by the departure of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. However if you struggle with the commentary, we suggest you turn the volume down, put on some music, and just take note of what you could be doing when you decide to hire one of these luxury supercars. Clearly the Italia version is more popular in the winter, while the Spyder comes into its own in the summer, and is great for a weekend treat away in the countryside where the roads aren’t quite as busy.

Whether it is supercar hire in London or supercar hire in Birmingham that brought you to our website, we’d like you to know that on top of Ferraris we also have Lamborghinis, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder and of course, no supercar hire business would be worth it salt if it didn’t have a Bugatti Veyron available for hire as well. So if you didn’t fall asleep watching the video, please give us a call at Prestige Keys so we can run you through what is available and invite you down to have a closer inspection of any of the models we have available for hire. Oh, just in case you are worried, our cars are left hand drive as well as very fast!

Prestige Keys – Not just for prestige car hire Birmingham

Though based out of London, Prestige Keys’ business has expanded its reach and now offers its full services in Birmingham. This covers their four main categories which is prestige car hire, supercar hire, luxury car hire and wedding car hire. The choice ultimately falls on the occasion in question, so let’s start with a few cars to get your blood pumping through your body a little faster. For supercar hire, Birmingham has the full range that we offer in London, so perhaps you could be tempted with the glorious Ferrari 458 which is available in both hardtop and the long awaited convertible option.  Maybe Lamborghinis are more your thing – for Lambos we have five different supercars of that marque available for you to choose from. However if this is your first time experiencing supercar hire, Birmingham has shown us that the Audi V8 R10 is a great choice. There again, if you are thinking more of a smart car that is not too over the top, luxury car hire is another great option in Birmingham. Here you can look at more ‘sedate’ models such as the BMW M3 or Porsche Cayenne.


For wedding car hire – Birmingham’s Prestige Keys branch has every base covered

This is probably about the only part of a wedding day that the bride will ever consider entrusting to the groom. As a consequence, very careful thought needs to be put into what is required. When considering wedding car hire, Birmingham has no better choice on offer than those we have for you at Prestige Keys, and that doesn’t just include a car for the bride. Yes, we have the perfect car for her to turn up at the church in, our wedding car hire selection ranges from the beautiful white Rolls Royce Phantom to a variety of Mercedes, with a stunning white Bentley Flying Spur for the ultimate in luxury and decadence. However what about treating the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents as well? How lovely for them to be able to turn up at the church in a stylish S or C class Mercedes. With the success of our Birmingham wedding car hire business, we are also pleased to announce that we are now providing the full range for our wedding car hire Manchester outlet as well. You’ll also realise that it’s never too soon to arrange your wedding car hire, so take a load off your mind, call us at Prestige Keys, and let us help you make a great choice for your wedding day. At Prestige Keys we believe in nothing but the best for the bride-to-be’s big day!

Prestige Keys for prestige car hire London


If you are going to hire a prestige car for a day, a weekend or a week, then clearly you’ve got something special planned, and you want to be assured that everything will go without a hitch and you are going to have the time of your life driving the car of your dreams. Supercar hire is the affordable way to treat yourself to something special, a reward for hard work and achievement. Not all of us can afford to buy a supercar outright, but how many of us get to still enjoy the benefits of supercar hire? London’s Prestige Keys certainly has the choice of cars to make any mouth water, with eye-popping marques including the Bugatti Veyron and the unmistakably stylish Aston Martin DB9. Then feel like a kid in a sweet shop with three different Ferrari’s and five different Lamborghinis to choose from and you’ll soon realise that for prestige car hire, London’s Prestige Keys can fulfil all your heartfelt petrolhead desires.


Supercar hire vs luxury car hire

Whether you use the expression ‘horses for courses’ or ‘different strokes for different folks’, there are occasions when it is more appropriate to consider luxury car hire over supercar hire. Here we are talking about situations where you want to create the right impression, not too flash an impression. Maybe it is an important meeting at a high class establishment, or you need to collect a client from their hotel to take to a site meeting. The right car for the right occasion can be critical and once again for luxury car hire, London’s Prestige Keys have thought way beyond the prestige car marques and offer everything from a Rolls Royce Phantom through to an Audi R4, with Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz CLS, C and L classes, and BMW M5 and M3 saloons in between. There’s never enough space to do justice to all the cars we have available at Prestige Keys, so why not give us a call and come over and see what we have on offer? We know you won’t be disappointed!

Prestige Keys Car Hire represents a luxury car hire travel company ready to fulfil all of your requirements with our user friendly service and fleet.

We pride ourselves in offering a VIP service for all clientèle whilst still being conscious of our pricing. Our service is built around the needs of the client so your in control at all times.

Prestige Keys Car Hire specialises in Sports Car Hire, Performance Car Hire, 4×4 Car Hire, Executive Car Hire, Chauffeur Car Hire and Super Car Hire from the most prestigious marques in the world. Our range of luxury cars include Aston Martin Hire, Audi Hire, Bentley Hire, BMW Hire, Ferrari Hire, Lamborghini Hire, Maserati Hire, Maybach Hire, Mercedes Hire, Porsche Hire, Range Rover Hire, Nissan GTR Hire and Rolls-Royce Hire.With experience and the ability to bring you the most sought after prestige car hire service, we should be your first call.

Prestige Keys Car Hire offers a unique comprehensive service nationwide, bringing you the most exciting fleet of rentals in the world. So, whatever the occasion, be it a luxury gift car rental, a corporate executive car hire incentive, Wedding Car Hire or purely for personal indulgence with Performance Car Hire, Super Car Hire or Prestige Car Hire we can provide the perfect car to fulfill your every need in style, comfort, safety and most important enjoyability.

With a flexible and friendly team you will receive a service which is second to none. All that’s left is for you to enjoy the ultimate self drive hire experience.

Prestige Keys Car Hire
When you have a special occasion that requires you to hire an exceptional car, you cannot afford to take chances with untested car hire companies. At Prestige car hire, we understand the enormity of your special occasion and will provide you with a prestigious car befitting the occasion. We cater for all your Manchester car hire needs by providing you with top of the range vehicles at a reasonable cost. In case you want something superior, we offer a supercar hire Manchester that will add a touch of elegance and class to your event. If you are looking for the perfect thrill, we also cater for your supercar hire London as well. We have just the right powerful machine to give you goose bumps and a rush of adrenalin. All our vehicles are superbly maintained and are always serviced just before we hand them over to you. Our friendly staff will take you through a simple hire process and within a few minutes you will be on the road. It does not matter the type of occasion you have, we have a suitable car for you. All our cars are new and we usually change them after a short period on the road. If you are on one of the discerning customers looking for the latest models, we have all the luxurious models for you. Whether you are looking for the latest Range Rover Sport, a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or even a Mercedes, we have a car for any occasion. We also offer Chauffeured cars with well trained, courteous and knowledgeable drivers. At prestige car hire, no request is too small for us, if you would like us to pick your date with a Limousine, trust us to do it perfectly. After all, you are the reason we are the leading car hire company in London and Manchester. Talk to us today for the friendliest and most efficient car hire service.

Thank you for visiting Prestige Keys Car Hire, we hope you enjoy your driving experience with us…