About Us
26 Nov 2015

Our philosophy at Prestige Keys is to deliver an experience within a luxury service. We have a vehicle for your every need, a service for every occasion and a fleet at your disposal.

Prestige Keys Performance, Super and Prestige Car Hire has been established to appeal to individuals looking for a specific performance car hire service or luxury car hire service and strive in only supplying the latest and most sought after prestige and performance cars in the market.

Our strengths lie in our flexibility not to just say, but actually meet the requirements of a clients travel needs and budgets. We want our customers to be part of our business and to benefit from using our services personally and financially.
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Company Objectives

  • Competing as a leading company in the luxury travel service as so customers have the utmost confidence in using our service
  • To provide excellent, user friendly customer care.
  • To be fair, ethical and cater for all,  so each booking is built around the clients requirements
  • Create a unique members club so clients feel part of a company;  Read more…