Benefit from our prestige car hire Slough services
23 Jun 2017

The Berkshire town of Slough is a hugely diverse place. The 2011 census recorded only 34.5% of the population as White British in ethnicity; Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Africans, and Caribbean people were also found to be well-represented. The choice of prestige cars that Slough residents can hire from our company is also broad. Furthermore, due to the town’s strong road connections, regularly enjoying journeys in those vehicles can be straightforward.

A history of diversity that continues to this day

Slough has long attracted people from a wide range of backgrounds. These included, during the global economic depression in the 1930s, Welsh people seeking employment. The Slough area was, during the 1950s, home to numerous camps that had taken in Polish wartime refugees, who opted to settle in the town, as Poland was then part of the communist Soviet Bloc. In 1984, Lydia Simmons became Slough’s – and England’s – first mayor of African descent.

Slough has also long been a vibrant hub for the motor industry. The town’s history has included decades of automobile manufacturing – and, today, the big name car companies Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes-Benz all have Slough-sited offices. Aptly, all three of those brands are represented in the choice available for luxury car hire in Slough. With our help, you can also drive supercars from Audi, BMW, Bentley, Lamborghini, Hummer, McLaren, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Rolls-Royce. All of these cars can be in much easier financial reach now that we offer them for hire.

Where would you like to travel in Slough?

The purposes to which you can put these cars is also vast. You might want to take one to get to a corporate meeting in Slough; this is very plausible given that Slough has been found to economically compare well to many other parts of the country. We offer a supercar hire Slough service that allows executives to enjoy reliable, private, and secure travel. Alternatively, you might seek to take one of our beautiful limousines to a party or prom; that car could certainly get onlookers chatting!

However, you would be permitted to take our cars out of Slough – and the town’s strong road connections make that easy. Many Slough residents already routinely commute to such nearby places as Reading, Windsor, Bracknell, and – of course – London. The capital offers an impressively broad choice of venues in which to tie the knot, should you be planning to do that – and we have made available a range of wedding packages touching different price points.

Slough: a sporty town that you could enjoy in a sports car

When driving a Prestige Keys vehicle through Slough, you can enjoy seeing the local attractions. Among these, you could count Arbour Park, the home ground of the semi-professional Slough Town Football Club. Other local sports clubs include Slough Hockey Club and Slough Rugby Club – and you could see these sides after travelling to their grounds in a vehicle sourced through our prestige car hire Slough service.

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