How will you be celebrating the arrival of 2018? You might already have quite a few ideas… or maybe you don’t, or at least not have many ideas that seem particularly thoughtful or original. If you’re used to welcoming a new year with the same old celebrations every 12 months, you would likely welcome an injection of imagination into how you greet 2018. Here are some easy-to-overlook ideas that could help you get 2018 off to a sparkling start.

Head off to Africa in search of fascinating wildlife

If you lack decent inspiration for what to do for the upcoming New Year, you could consider what many people have fond memories of doing last time around. One Guardian reader has enthused about his trip to east Africa; while staying at Giraffe Manor in a Nairobi suburb, he spotted giraffes sticking their heads into the windows in search of breakfast. Later, in Ethiopia, he saw a wolf – an animal endangered in that country – catching some roadside sunshine.

Swap bustling Britain for a surprisingly quiet Brittany

Given how traditionally popular France is as a holiday destination, it would be understandable for you to assume that the Gallic country is always overrun with tourists in the period between Christmas Day and New Year. However, another Guardian reader has reported walking, during that time last year, quiet streets in France’s north-west region of Brittany. Even Rennes’ botanic garden was quiet – making Brittany a surprisingly good place for a peaceful getaway.

The ski’s the limit in Austria

If you like your holidays particularly active, then one true overlooked gem of a place is the small Austrian village of Igls. We recommend this because, from that village, you can take a tram to Innsbruck, where the Four Hills tournament takes place every January.

The tram journey is fun in itself due to the woods it takes in. At the tournament, you can enjoy ski jumping – not to mention the amazing sounds of bells, blowing trumpets and joyous cheers.

Admire the classic cars in Cuba

Probably even easier to overlook is the small Cuban town called Viñales. Located in the Pinar del Río province at the island’s western end, it features a “town square [that] is full of live music and dancing until late into the night,” as Huckleberry editor Tom McDermott enthuses on the Independent‘s site.

Furthermore, you can “spend some time playing cards at a local cafe and watching the classic cars cruise down the street.” While on the subject of cars…

Drive a gorgeous car yourself back in Britain

Exciting though overseas trips are, they might be beyond your financial means. Research cited by the Guardian suggests that UK-based hotels, bars and restaurants will see more custom during this Christmas and New Year period due to Britons tightening their belts.

However, that doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to any chance of welcoming 2018 stylishly. At Prestige Keys, we enable you to rent a Lamborghini which you could then drive to a local eatery.

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