18 Nov 2015

Recommend A Friend Scheme

Prestige Keys Car Hire has launched this scheme to reward customers without any fees or paperwork which have purchased one of our services. If you are an existing Prestige Keys Car Hire client and recommend us to a new customer whether it be a friend or family relative who also uses one of our services then you are entitled to a 10% discount off your next purchase valid for 12 months or a one off £20 Cash Referral Fee.

There are no limitations or restrictions, the more you recommend the more you accumulate. Under this scheme every client can be part of Prestige Keys Car Hire and best of all its free so start recommending and collect the reward. Any recommendations from non-existing clients will still be honoured under this scheme.

Gift Vouchers


Incentives and Rewards

Prestige Keys has recently launched campaigns for incentives and rewards for employees in multinational organisations and small businesses. Offering our vehicles as an incentive to increase motivation or for rewarding the over-performers in the business is a great attribute of acknowledgment of achievements an individual may have completed.

Prestige Keys Car Hire is looking to add more medium/large corporations to its business portfolio and every reward scheme is designed around business characteristics so it fits into the daily, weekly, monthly or annual routine. We offer complete discretion on the businesses we work with and aim each reward so it does not interfere with business progress.

Find out more information or purchase for your business call us on 0779 2781 873