If you have been handed the responsibility of organising a stag do for a friend preparing to get hitched, you could understandably feel daunted. However, you might not have entirely good reason to feel so – because, assuming that the groom isn’t insistent about having a very particular kind of stag do, there are many different possibilities that you can draw upon for the celebrations. Here are some of our favourite ideas for what could form the stag do’s overall theme.

Star Wars/Star Trek

There are plenty of men who love their sci-fi – and they probably derive particular joy from one of these two franchises. However, tread carefully here, as it’s very much a tribal thing; for example, if the groom loves Star Wars, they probably won’t be so fond of Star Trek. Hence, it is crucial that you know which of these sci-fi sagas most excites them, cautions Easy Weddings. Thankfully, whichever of the two you choose, there are plenty of different characters which the stags could dress up as.


Many men with marriages currently lined up would have been very young during the Eighties and, as such, might remember certain parts of this exciting decade. Therefore, an Eighties-themed stag do can have a strongly nostalgic quality for the groom and his friends of similar age. If it was the films of that era which caught the groom’s attention, everyone could wear Ghostbusters overalls or Teen Wolf costumes, while Adam Ant’s distinctive Eighties look could turn many heads as well.


You have probably already heard – or cracked – jokes that the groom will soon have their own ball and chain – their wife-to-be! You could run with this idea by adopting a convict theme for the whole do. The groom could literally carry a ball and chain, along with handcuffs and other elements of a convict costume. Meanwhile, each of the guests could wear a shirt that has black-and-white stripes and their own name. Amusing to see that this particular stereotype hasn’t faded…


“What period of history?”, you may be asking. That’s key to the beauty of this theme – there are many different eras from which you could choose. You could all make yourself look like Greek gods, led by the groom as Zeus. Alternatively, everyone could dress as nobles or peasants for a medieval theme, Wedding Chaos points out. Don’t be afraid to consider a much more recent period, however; wearing bandanas and carrying guitars could be great for recreating the ’60s hippie period.


If you know that the groom loves watching motorsport races, whether at the actual racetracks or by catching those competitions on TV, then it could be an excellent idea to rent a Lamborghini car for their stag do. This can be much cheaper than buying such a vehicle outright, while both the groom and guests would be able to enjoy luxury provided by Lamborghini, one of the best-known makers of sports cars. Here are Lamborghini cars we offer for booking.

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