Want to hire a supercar for your special event? Then here are our top picks of smooth, sleek cars that will make onlookers swoon with envy.

  1. Bentley GTC – for refined style

For a supercar that’s more classically stylish than all the others put together, opt for the Bentley GTC.  As swift and nimble as you’d want from any high specification car, this Bentley delivers on comfort and style too, with great attention to detail paid to the leather, wood and chrome finishing touches. It’s a supercar that’s a cut above when it comes to refinement and finish, crafted to an exceptional standard, making it the perfect choice for your special event.

  1. Lamborghini Huracan Spyder – entertainment all round

Billed as the ‘lifestyle’ model of the Huracan range, it’s the supercar in which to make an unforgettable entrance at your special event. Roll back the roof and arrive with panache, in this distinctive angular car, leaving onlookers, green with envy. For those who love attention, this is the supercar for you; it’s fun, edgy and packs a punch in the style stakes too. Few cars can top this car for sheer entertainment value, for both drivers and onlookers alike, from the design to performance it’s a top choice.

  1. Mclaren 650s spider – a legendary drive

Step into the driving seat of a Mclaren and join the legends of F1 driving. Confident, effortlessly fast and enticing, it’s not just a car, it’s an experience. Once you’ve driven this feat of automotive engineering, you won’t want to drive anything else; it’ll become the bench mark by which you measure every other vehicle you drive. Choose the Mclaren 650s spider, for a supercar with resonance, no other car provides.

  1. Covet a Ferrari California T

Turn heads in this sleek supercar. Smart, sophisticated and practical, with a hint of classical elegance about it, the Ferrari California T is an excellent choice for your landmark day. Few supercars can boast being usable, as well as dashing, but this car delivers on both fronts. Sit in the driver’s seat of this supercar, and you’ll feel comfortable, secure and confident about driving, as well as receiving a plethora of covetous looks from those around you.

  1. Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar SV- our superstar

We couldn’t mention our pick of supercars without highlighting the wonders of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadstar SV; in fact, you might call it the most ‘super’ of all of them.  Reviewers have termed it “outrageous” and “extraordinary”; and that’s what most of us want in a supercar. Make an entrance at your special event in this tour-de-force of automotive engineering. Sharp, sleek, fast – everything a supercar is meant to be and more.

Your supercar experience

So there you have five supercars suitable for your special event, from the timeless style of a Bentley to the angular style of the Lamborghinis, the matchless McLaren or the fisrt-rate Ferrari. Call our friendly team today about your Supercar Hire.

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