Since appearing at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2003, the grand tourer the Aston Martin DB9 coupe has had plenty of admirers. The car was given something of a revamp in 2012, resulting in appreciable enhancements to its design and engine. However, overlooking the changes of three years ago, the DB9 coupe is now more than a decade old – so, does it still cut the mustard all these years later?
The beauty that you would expect from an Aston Martin
It’s hardly surprising to learn that one of this car’s predecessors, the Aston Martin DB5, appeared in a Bond film; the DB9 boasts the typical striking design that you would expect in an Aston Martin car, especially in the DB line. In fact, some long-standing Aston Martin fans could find this car’s appearance too predictable, though the leather trim and gorgeous wood panelling are hard not to love.
A pleasing combination of speedy and comfortable
Actually driving a DB9 can be wonderfully comfortable even at high speeds. Whether it’s a motorway or an awkward twisty road, you can handle it relatively painlessly with the DB9. The 20-inch wheels and tyres are also very grippy without hindering your fun. You could find the Aston Martin’s flagship Vanquish better for both responsiveness and composure, but the DB9 holds its own acceptably.
Don’t expect the unreliability of the DB7…
Numerous problems that affected the engine and gearbox of the DB7 have been banished in the DB9. It certainly has the feeling of a vehicle that has been thoroughly tested to rectify unpleasant quirks, while safety equipment includes electronic stability control, airbags, and protection against side impacts.
Sorry, kids – there’s just not enough room for you here
This definitely isn’t a car intended for the family. Though it is a two-plus-two vehicle, the DB9 is capable of providing comfort – and we emphasise the word comfort – for just two people. The back seats are frankly cramped, even for children – you’re better off using that seating to keep extra luggage.
That petrol might not get you as far as you think…
The DB9 is certainly, on the whole, an appealing super car to get behind the wheel of – especially through the super car hire service of Prestige Keys. However, be warned that the DB9’s 510bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine is responsible for a very poor fuel economy figure of 19.5mpg, with CO2 at 333g per km.


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