Fancy cruising the streets of London or Birmingham in a supercar that looks like a blend between what Batman might drive and what Bruce Wayne might drive? Get ready for the FFZero1. This concept car has just been unveiled by Faraday Future, with the firm promising to revolutionise driving by asking: “What would happen if we just started clean?”

Both sleek and muscular, the FFZero 1 is to be a single-seater, electrically-powered supercar, and promises to harness 1,000 horsepower to achieve a top speed of over 200 miles per hour and make 0-60 in under three seconds.  A glass roof will allow the panoramic view above to blur over your head, and consultations with no less than NASA ensured that the seating position would rest at exactly 45-degrees to ensure an ideal level of driver comfort. The steering wheel will have a smartphone built into its centre, and the headrest will have a port in the back to pump air and water into the driver’s crash helmet.

The firm has recently pledged to spend $1 billion building a production facility in Nevada, and they will be building their vehicles with a Variable Platform Architecture, thereby eschewing a traditional single platform shared with other companies. This means that the platform will be able to be changed on a whim, so new wheelbases won’t be a problem.

Beyond looks and performance, Faraday Futures are promising an array of sensors and connectivity technologies. That means that they’re seriously considering autonomous operation, taking the same route that Telsa has been shining a light on for some time.

The company has managed to assemble a team of high-profile names. The head of marketing, Stacy Morris, just spent five years with BMW; the R&D chief, Nick Samson, has previously developed vehicles for Tesla, Lotus, and Jaguar. Samson noted that the firm should be able to create its first production-ready model in “just a couple of years.”

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