If you are going to hire a prestige car for a day, a weekend or a week, then clearly you’ve got something special planned, and you want to be assured that everything will go without a hitch and you are going to have the time of your life driving the car of your dreams. Supercar hire is the affordable way to treat yourself to something special, a reward for hard work and achievement. Not all of us can afford to buy a supercar outright, but how many of us get to still enjoy the benefits of supercar hire? London’s Prestige Keys certainly has the choice of cars to make any mouth water, with eye-popping marques including the Bugatti Veyron and the unmistakably stylish Aston Martin DB9. Then feel like a kid in a sweet shop with three different Ferrari’s and five different Lamborghinis to choose from and you’ll soon realise that for prestige car hire, London’s Prestige Keys can fulfil all your heartfelt petrolhead desires.


Supercar hire vs luxury car hire

Whether you use the expression ‘horses for courses’ or ‘different strokes for different folks’, there are occasions when it is more appropriate to consider luxury car hire over supercar hire. Here we are talking about situations where you want to create the right impression, not too flash an impression. Maybe it is an important meeting at a high class establishment, or you need to collect a client from their hotel to take to a site meeting. The right car for the right occasion can be critical and once again for luxury car hire, London’s Prestige Keys have thought way beyond the prestige car marques and offer everything from a Rolls Royce Phantom through to an Audi R4, with Range Rovers, Mercedes Benz CLS, C and L classes, and BMW M5 and M3 saloons in between. There’s never enough space to do justice to all the cars we have available at Prestige Keys, so why not give us a call and come over and see what we have on offer? We know you won’t be disappointed!

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