Though based out of London, Prestige Keys’ business has expanded its reach and now offers its full services in Birmingham. This covers their four main categories which is prestige car hire, supercar hire, luxury car hire and wedding car hire. The choice ultimately falls on the occasion in question, so let’s start with a few cars to get your blood pumping through your body a little faster. For supercar hire, Birmingham has the full range that we offer in London, so perhaps you could be tempted with the glorious Ferrari 458 which is available in both hardtop and the long awaited convertible option.  Maybe Lamborghinis are more your thing – for Lambos we have five different supercars of that marque available for you to choose from. However if this is your first time experiencing supercar hire, Birmingham has shown us that the Audi V8 R10 is a great choice. There again, if you are thinking more of a smart car that is not too over the top, luxury car hire is another great option in Birmingham. Here you can look at more ‘sedate’ models such as the BMW M3 or Porsche Cayenne.


For wedding car hire – Birmingham’s Prestige Keys branch has every base covered

This is probably about the only part of a wedding day that the bride will ever consider entrusting to the groom. As a consequence, very careful thought needs to be put into what is required. When considering wedding car hire, Birmingham has no better choice on offer than those we have for you at Prestige Keys, and that doesn’t just include a car for the bride. Yes, we have the perfect car for her to turn up at the church in, our wedding car hire selection ranges from the beautiful white Rolls Royce Phantom to a variety of Mercedes, with a stunning white Bentley Flying Spur for the ultimate in luxury and decadence. However what about treating the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents as well? How lovely for them to be able to turn up at the church in a stylish S or C class Mercedes. With the success of our Birmingham wedding car hire business, we are also pleased to announce that we are now providing the full range for our wedding car hire Manchester outlet as well. You’ll also realise that it’s never too soon to arrange your wedding car hire, so take a load off your mind, call us at Prestige Keys, and let us help you make a great choice for your wedding day. At Prestige Keys we believe in nothing but the best for the bride-to-be’s big day!

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