Here at Prestige Keys we’d like to think your wedding transport will prove to be safer and more reliable than the transport used in the above video. Yes, we all know that arriving by pony and trap is the ultimate in romance, but when you have next to no control over the horsepower in question, you have to wonder at the wisdom of the idea. Here at Prestige Keys we like to leave nothing to chance and we ensure that all our wedding cars are regularly checked and serviced to make sure you arrive safely, and on time, for your big day.

For our wedding car hire service in London Birmingham and Manchester we can offer you traditional white marques including Rolls-Royce and Bentley, but not everyone wants to go down the totally traditional route, or some brides just feel a Rolls-Royce is just a little too opulent for them. Instead we have some more ‘understated’ yet also extremely popular wedding cars for hire which include a full range of Mercedes Benz cars, BMWs and Range Rovers if those seem more appropriate for the whole occasion.
In addition, we also like to point out that wedding cars aren’t just for the bride and her father to arrive at the church in. Don’t forget there is the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents too. So while you are looking after the bride, why not ensure other principal guests arrive in style too. Then there is only one other thing to consider, and that is the car you intend to drive off on honeymoon in. Fancy a nice Lamborghini or Porsche? Well why not contact us at any of our offices, let us know what you have got planned for the big day, and then come and have a closer look at the exceptional quality and luxury all our wedding cars provide. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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