For those of you who are as interested in how a car works as how it drives, we have found a great video for you that covers both the Ferrari 458 Italia and 458 Spyder that we have available for hire here at Prestige Keys. We are immensely proud of the selection of supercars we have available, both here in London and also in Birmingham. However despite looking for a video of the quality to match these two fine cars, we could only find one that will be unlikely to see the presenter offered the current vacancy at the BBC recently created by the departure of Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear. However if you struggle with the commentary, we suggest you turn the volume down, put on some music, and just take note of what you could be doing when you decide to hire one of these luxury supercars. Clearly the Italia version is more popular in the winter, while the Spyder comes into its own in the summer, and is great for a weekend treat away in the countryside where the roads aren’t quite as busy.

Whether it is supercar hire in London or supercar hire in Birmingham that brought you to our website, we’d like you to know that on top of Ferraris we also have Lamborghinis, the Audi R8 V10 Spyder and of course, no supercar hire business would be worth it salt if it didn’t have a Bugatti Veyron available for hire as well. So if you didn’t fall asleep watching the video, please give us a call at Prestige Keys so we can run you through what is available and invite you down to have a closer inspection of any of the models we have available for hire. Oh, just in case you are worried, our cars are left hand drive as well as very fast!

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