Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life – so, on the big day, why should you miss out on the opportunity to get transported to or from the wedding venue in a car from your favourite film? Below are a few examples of gorgeous cars that have memorably featured in popular films. Included here are cars which, at Prestige Keys, we can – and, indeed, would be delighted to – allow you to hire for your own special day.


1981 Porsche 928

If you’re familiar with Tom Cruise’s big screen exploits dating back to the early 1980s, then you’ll definitely be familiar with 1983’s Risky Business, a funny if occasionally dark look at teen angst. Cruise plays the young Joel Goodson – who, at one stage, gets behind the wheel of his father’s 1981 Porsche 928, against the wishes explicitly expressed by his parents before they leave the house for the weekend. At Prestige Keys, we offer a similar Porsche 918 Spyder for hire. Just learn from the film by not taking this Porsche into the water…

2008 Audi RS8

It must be a difficult business being a superhero. After all, not only have you got to save the world, you’ve got to do it all while keeping your real identity concealed from the public. We have no idea if you’ve got any secret superhero persona of your own – but, if you have and want to take inspiration from Tony Stark, who puts the “man” into Iron Man, you could do much worse than hire our Audi R8 V10 Spider for your wedding day. That’s because it’s similar to the Audi RS8 that Stark drives in the 2008 movie Iron Man. Just remember to save hassle by scheduling your wedding for when your arch enemy has booked his holiday…


If you’re old enough to fondly remember watching the original Thunderbirds television series and feature films – those two films were called Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6 – in the 1960s, then seeing our mention of FAB 1 is bound to have brought a pleasant nostalgia rush. Of course, in all of the above Thunderbirds adventures, FAB 1 – yes, that gorgeous pink car owned by International Rescue agent Lady Penelope and driven by her butler, Parker – appears as a modified Rolls-Royce.

As we all know, Rolls-Royce cars are both rare and oozing in class, making one of them an obvious choice for getting to your wedding in style. Being brought to the wedding venue in one will certainly turn a range of heads for the right reasons! At Prestige Keys, we offer a broad choice of Rolls-Royce motors for hire – including Dawn, Phantom, Drophead, Ghost and Wraith models. Before you ask, no, we haven’t modified any of these cars to include such weaponry and gadgetry as front- and back-mounted machine guns, like inventor Brains had so tinkered with the FAB 1 in the original Thunderbirds adventures! Still, we reckon that we remain hard to beat as a car hire company for wedding car hire.

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