Christmas always seems such a magical time, when everyone is smiling and having fun amid presents to unwrap, turkey to tuck into and snow to play in. It’s no wonder that so many couples choose this time to get hitched – but the usual preparations for a wedding often need to be even more meticulous when the big day will be during the festive season. Thankfully, simply booking a car can help you and your future spouse to overcome a multitude of obstacles to making the day genuinely special.


A special time, a special wedding… a special car

We doubt that we really need to remind you of how hectic the coming Christmas period is likely to be for you. You’ll have to figure out who you should buy presents for, choose and buy presents, decide who you will be visiting either side of Christmas Day, decide on a suitable Christmas tree… we could go on and on. Preparing for a wedding amidst all of this can put an even bigger strain on your timetable. So, where exactly can you trim precious minutes to get absolutely everything done?

The good news is that you can save a lot more than just minutes when you turn to Prestige Keys. We offer a broad range of new super cars to choose from – and travelling through town with your lover in one of these beauties can certainly turn even the heads of those people hurriedly trying to finish their Christmas shopping! Super car hire from Prestige Keys enables spouses-to-be to more easily grab attention whatever the time of day; however, during Christmas, the tougher competition for attention can make journeying to the wedding venue in a sparkling super car even more useful.

There’s plenty of time to save with Prestige Keys

We can imagine you currently thinking that it all seems so exciting, but also stopping to wonder whether all of this excitement could come at hefty cost in terms of time and money. Thankfully, your mind should be at rest once you have checked out the choice of wedding car hire packages we offer.

You should also be reassured to know that you can – but don’t have to! – arrange for a chauffeur to drive the car to the venue, and also leave us to, with our décor experts, decorate the car on the basis of the theme colours and styles you give us beforehand.

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