There’s no doubting that, on your big day, the bride or groom can make a big impression, on not only the wedding guests but also many residents of the town or city where the wedding will take place, by arriving at the venue in a gorgeous luxury super car.

It’s difficult to narrow down the best wedding super cars to just the top five, but we have had a good go – and all of the cars we mention below can be rented surprisingly cost-effectively from Prestige Keys.

Ferrari 458 Italia

The groom can turn a lot of heads for the right reasons with this highly modern vehicle. It’s super-stylish, as smooth as butter, and seriously powerful thanks to its beefy horsepower and three exhausts. Its interior design impresses, too, and was influenced by Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. It was also highly rated in a review on Top Gear.


Rolls Royce Phantom

Any modern Rolls Royce can easily wow in the approach to a wedding; it is basically to cars what the iPhone is to smartphones. However, the Rolls Royce Phantom can wow even further, being the most luxurious and comfortable executive vehicle ever manufactured. It’s the very stereotype of a chauffeur-driven car, making it a straightforward choice for your wedding.

Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

Aren’t you a sexy little thing? This grand tourer, the successor to the DB7, has a beautiful seamless shape, which can obviously wow onlookers – car critics have long highly applauded its design both inside and out. It was even considered “too cool” for Top Gear’s famous Cool Wall! The DB9 has also been put to sports car racing, adding even further glamour to the car’s image.


Bentley Flying Spur

For a more unique super car hire, try the Bentley Flying Spur. Though this is the most well known Bentley executive vehicle, its production only began in 2013, meaning that it is both pleasingly modern and likely to somewhat defy expectations of many people waiting for your wedding. This 4-door saloon is also a visually exciting mix of sharp and curvaceous.

Porsche Cayenne S

Well, how could we fail to mention a Porsche here? It’s one of the car brands that are most commonly associated with prestige, and this particular model’s compact build can impress in a more subtle manner than the usual sports super car. And there’s so much more that our car hire company can offer…


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