Once your child has become a teenager, preparing a party for their birthday can feel… daunting. You might fret about throwing them a party that they deem the opposite of cool; that would be committing a faux pas in front of their friends!

However, for that birthday party you want to prepare, here are several ideas that can leave the right impression on your teenager and also be something a little different from the norm.

Glow-in-the-dark party

It’s easy for young people to be excited by things that glow in the dark. That’s a boon for you, as purchasing a range of glow-in-the-dark stuff doesn’t have to be difficult.

Heathline notes that you can very easily buy glow sticks in bulk, while there is much potential for creativity with glow-in-the-dark paint. Just think of how you could use this paint to bring imaginative-looking light to that room – or how you could let your teen and their friends do so.

Pool party

If your teen often doesn’t want to be out of the water, then a pool party is an attractive option. One member of the Circle of Moms online community, with the username “Emilee and Carlee”, has told of her experience that is detailed in a PopSugar article.

The member reveals: “We will be having a pool party at my grandma’s, and we will also be making a campfire and we will be spending the night in her pool house, while the boys go home at night.”

Weekend getaway

You can act on this suggestion by renting a cabin in which your teenager and their friends can stay over a weekend. However, while the cabin will be rented by parents, you should make sure that, during the actual getaway, the parents remain in a separate cabin, trailer or tent.

This is advised because, if the parents and teenagers were all in the same cabin, the teenagers could feel too restricted due to a belief that the parents would attempt to limit what they do.

Film party

What is your teenager’s favourite movie – as in, the one they always most love watching with their mates? You could build the party’s whole theme around it.

For instance, if it’s a Fast and Furious film that most excites them, you could set up an outdoor cinema of sorts and have all of the attendees watch it on a big screen. To strengthen the theme, you could rent a Lamborghini from us at Prestige Keys to give some of those friends a lift to the party.

M&M’s party

Those little colourful chocolates are magical things – or, at least, you could easily believe so upon realising the games that teenagers can play with them.

Mom Junction details two games to which you could introduce your teenager: “Hunt The M&M’s” and “Stuff Those M&M’s In The Mouth”. The rules of these games are explained on the Mom Junction website – and making use of this information could help make your offspring’s party colourful in more ways than one.

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