26 Nov 2015

You want to open your own business, be your own boss and earn an income? Well your on the right page.

Opening your own business can be the hardest thing to do, but opening a franchise is a much secure and safer option for all entrepreneurs as your buying into a business which generally has a successful business model.

Prestige Keys Car Hire franchises are available for selected entrepreneurs looking to get into the Luxury Travel industry. Prestige Keys Car Hire are always looking for talented individuals to come aboard our growing team and help grow our business to different sectors of the UK. All franchises are provided with our expertise and training while they are inducted to the fast paced luxury travel industry.

A Franchise gives an individual rights to use our business name, contacts and our assets over an agreed timescale, to build a business in their selected locations to which they will have exclusivity for. Prestige Keys Car Hire will provides all regulated paperwork, vehicles and structures the business formulates too. All franchises must abide by the Terms and Conditions laid out in the contracts at all times.

One of the main advantages of our franchises is that no-one franchise will be in a similar proximity to one another due to conflicts of interest and client snatching. Prestige Keys Car Hire does not allow clients from segmented areas taking clients from another franchise. Every individual franchise is responsible for local business as well as any company leads generated by our marketing campaigns. Prestige Keys Car Hire franchises in every area are available on a first come first serve basis.

Purchasing one of our franchises is quick and easy. Once an individual passes our security checks and training exercises, he will be allocated a franchise for which they will be responsible for and generating business from there sector. We as a business provide help to all our franchisees, including generating leads and enquiries for all new start-ups however all advertising and day to day runnings will be handled by the franchisee.

To become a Franchise we charge a minimum of £15,000 per annum or £36,000 for 3 years. Please note these rates are non-negtioable however the term period of the license is negotiable

To join our team today & hold further discussions please Contact us or send us an email and we shall get in touch to organise a meeting.