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26 Nov 2015


Helicopter Hire

Models Available
Augusta 109
Jet Ranger
R44 & R22

There are few adventures that can compare to a helicopter trip. For the fun seeking individual, it offers a birds eye view perspective with a flexibility no other means of transport can match. At prestigekeys.com, we offer our esteemed clients a helicopter hire to cater for their needs. We have qualified pilots to take you for a memorable trip. If you are considering our helicopter charter for your special trip, there are many benefits that come with it.
Saves time

If you need to be in two places that are far apart in the same day, a helicopter ride is the most suitable means of travel. It allows you to attend a meeting in the morning and make it in time for another event 100 miles away in the afternoon.

Scenic Views
If you would like to enjoy the most amazing views of UK, a helicopter ride will take you right where the most breathtaking sights are located. If you would like to take some stunning pictures, the helicopter can descend to allow you catch the sights on camera.

Go straight to your target
If you are a tourist visiting a country, you will find that a lot of your time will be spent travelling between one highlight of your trip to the next. In most cases you do not have an interest in the areas between the journey. The trip may also be uncomfortable and tiring. You can avoid this inconvenience by taking a helicopter trip which takes you directly to the key highlights of your trip.

Access hard to reach areas
A ride in a helicopter is the easiest way to get to some hard to reach areas. If you are going to place with difficult terrain, it may require you to be particularly fit to climb or if it is a place that can be accessed by road, it may take one or two days to get to the location. A helicopter will safely deliver you there in an hour or so, leaving you a lot of time to enjoy yourself in the secret location.

Safety and reliability
When you settle for a helicopter hire from us, you can be sure we have adhered to all safety regulations passed by the authorities. In general, air travel has a better safety record than other types of transport because of the strict regulations in the industry.

Mark your great day in style
If you decide to arrive or depart from your special occasion, it has a huge and memorable impact compared to other common forms of travel such as a limousine ride.

Suitable for busy executives
For the manager running a company with a large geographical spread, the only viable means of transport is air. While commercial flights are cheap, they do not have the flexibility of a helicopter. A helicopter can cover as many locations as the passenger wishes in a single day.

Apart from the above benefits, we have a well trained crew ready to take good care of you during the ride. We offer you luxurious helicopters that are customized to offer you the best comforts you deserve. If you need to travel on a short notice, you just need to call us ahead and we work on the rest of the details. We offer a helicopter hire for any occasion, be it for business or pleasure. Contact us for more details on our special offers.

A Unique service for unique clientele. Our charters allow you to wonder the skies and see some of the most stunning views in the UK. Get in touch for further information.